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Full Version: Discuss: Staff Team Additions and the Mentor Group
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am proud of being one of the selected MyBB Mentor
Congrats all! Big Grin Nice work.
Congratulations everyone!
The mentor title is interesting. Thanks. Glad to be a trusted community member. Now can I ban anyone? Smile

Oh also I can't see a way to get rid of my custom title so I can show as a mentor instead.
(2008-06-20, 07:31 PM)labrocca Wrote: [ -> ]Now can I ban anyone? Smile

You wish.

Congrats to the new staff members and the new mentors
Congratulations All Smile
This would be my ban stick:

[Image: images%5CYK0413_l.jpg]
You do not have a ban stick. I do (Though it takes more the form of a mace). Big Grin
I have doubts about some; but still congrats =P
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