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Full Version: Member unique data log with graphs?
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I run a website on pet tortoises and I'm wondering if there's an easy way I could allow to my members to enter data on the weight and length of their tortoise(s) and arrange the data into graphs and choose to have it available publicly?
If not, how much would one need to pay for such a script?

thanks in advance
if i knew ANY php i think i might be able to do this...
should i reiterate that i am willing to pay for someone to create this code?
Can you draw a quick sketch of the graph in paint or so ?

I'm gonna try this thing > ;
can you provide my some realible numbers of weight/length via PM ? If i got something that looks 'correct'; i'm gonna notify you.
just a simple line chart with length on the x axis and weight on the y axis would be great.
would it be possible for folks to create small 'profiles' for their animals where they could add the age and name of the tortoise?
this is a very detailed version of what im looking for:
[Image: sample01.png]