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Full Version: Put the icon in the column of last message?
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I want see the icon in the column of last message.. what I need that to do? Also I want to put the message more to the left..

EDIT2: Investigating I made the changes, but i dont know yet how to put the Icon of the posts, any ideas?
<span class="smalltext">
<a href="showthread.php?tid={$lastposttid}&amp;action=lastpost" title="{$full_lastpost_subject}">
<div style="text-align: left;"><strong>{$lastpost_subject}</strong></a></div>
<div style="text-align: left;">{$lang->by}: {$lastpost_profilelink}</div>
{$lastpost_date} {$lastpost_time}<br /></span>

Like this:

[Image: lastmessage1vh7.png]

This is mine

[Image: lastmessage2de7.png]

Exists some plugin or some modification that I can do? …



[Image: likethisnewph1.png]
Nobody can help me T.T? I really want this Sad