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Full Version: Noob needs a spot of help.
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I'm a noob and need some help. I didn't know where else to post this so I put it here. If it needs to be moved to another forum, please feel free to do so. I just need a bit of help. This is my first foray into making a template for a myBB forum and am a little stumped. I am trying to create the rounded corners for the page container and not having any luck. Could someone please tell me what I am doing wrong? I thought my first step should be modifying an existing template so that I can get familiar with the process, so I am modifying the AdminBlue template found at and created by FireFoxWiz. I created the 4 imagaes I need to round the corners, but I can't get them to display at all. Here is the content of my Additional CSS section:
.bl {
background: url(images/AdminBlue/bl.png) 0 100% no-repeat #ffffff;
width: 90%;
margin: auto auto;
text-align: left;
.br {background: url(images/AdminBlue/br.png) 100% 100% no-repeat}
.tl {background: url(images/AdminBlue/tl.png) 0 0 no-repeat}
.tr {
background: url(images/AdminBlue/tr.png) 100% 0 no-repeat;
padding:20px; //(width of your corner image)
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
I think firefoxwiz just amde the images with round corners Wink. I'm not saying it's not possible with CSS it's just more work.

Maybe look at this for ways of doing it with CSS.;)
The images are added, but they have to be set up with CSS so that you don't have to have a totally fixed template. As I said in my original post, I am quite the noob and need to know where the code goes in myBB. I put it where I thought it should go, but am not quite sure if I have omitted anything or if there is something that I am simply overlooking. Thanks for the suggestion of While it does cover the topic that I need to understand, it is for an HTML solution. Since I am such a noob, I can't seem to make the transition from HTML to myBB. The first template that firefoxwiz made with rounded corners was the RonPaul08 template. I looked to that template to see what it was that I was doing wrong with no luck. Hopefully someone can help me figure this out. I am ashamed to say that I might need a bit of hand holding to get through this. Thanks.

I'm not understanding the problem. There shouldn't be any special code need for the way I've seen firefoxwiz do it most of the time. She jus makes the corner images round with a transparent background. There shouldn't need to be any additional template or CSS changes really. I mean most of here templates are just rethemed mybb default templates from what I've seen.
That is what I thought too, but my template doesn't display the rounded corners. The code that I placed in the additional css section is in the same place that ffw put her's. The code is supposed to make the four images stay in their respective corners of the page container regardless of the width and length of the page container, but I can't get the images to display at all much less stay put.
Well I don't really know what to tell you then. You can ask her over at her site Wink.
That might prove to be a more expedient way to find the answer. I will post it here when I get it there. Thanks again, NetSage.

Well, you should add two classes to the additional CSS, go to the templates add the two classes in. Wazzam, lol. I'm not sure how to spell it out, seeing as you've dubbed yourself a noob I'm not so sure I could help more than I am.

You can, also use one of FFW's themes and just modify her images to your liking.
Thanks for the input, hero. I will look into that. I am really hesitant to just use one of her themes and modify the images because I want this to be a learning experience. I will try to learn how to add the two classes to the additional css. Thanks again.
Here is where I stand. Hero's suggestion that I add the classes in the xml file seems to be pointing me in the right direction. There should be a <div class=""> somewhere in the xml file, but I have no idea where it should go. The xml file also will need a </div> for every class that has been defined, but I have no idea where it should go either. The code I posted above should work as soon as I have the classes defined properly in the xml. If anyone can offer some pointers, they would be greatly appreciated.