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Full Version: requesting a list of plugins
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Well I am thinking to upgrade from MyBB 1.2.x to 1.4.x but seems like it wont be a easy task as there is a big room for plugin development for MyBB 1.4.x.
Anyhow here is a list of plugins I would like to see in v.1.4.x

Emergency Message System
Advanced Stats on Index/Portal
Birthday Mailer
MyBB eCellular
Forum Icons
Forum Warning System
Guest Access
Only Show Links to Repliers
Inline Ads
invite new user
Groups legend
Online 24
Freenode PJIRC Chat
Private Messages Admin
RSS To Post
SEO Links!
Sitemap Generator
Stop Forum Spam
Thank you
Unread PM Notification
Theres already quite a few implemented in 1.4 and some at the mod site. Please search...

eg - Akismet and a warning system is built into myBB1.4

Also several of the mods you listed are updated to myBB1.4
Well I know a few of them are available.
I doubt all those mods will be completed for 1.4 100% anytime soon though. As some of the authors may have become inactive. :?