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Full Version: Help For New Button
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I want to add new button . how to make ? I want to add thank you button on my board . someone can help me ? (like below)

Sample Button (I want to add like this sample button) Smile

[Image: 8c686b10650375.gif]
Do you have photoshop or gimp? I would suggest using one of those programs. I would make one but i dont really need a thank you button.

Are you asking for a "Thank you" plugin, or how to add a button?

If you're talking about a plugin to thank a post, check out this idea:

If you are just asking about the button, go to

Admin CP -> Templates & Styles -> Templates -> {Your set} -> Post Bit Templates -> postbit

And edit.
Thank , I get it Smile

I get it . I want to know how to delete time text in Thank You Given Show
[Image: ec24f810702047.gif]