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Full Version: MyBlueOrb 1.4 - New "Web 2.0" Look [RELEASE]
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[Image: preview.PNG]


MyBlueOrb is a thin yet sleek skin that is sure to fit into any forum concept. With a dominating and shining cobalt orb at the top, give your forum that fresh "Web 2.0" look. - 1.4 Ready!

Download (See Attachment)
Download Includes: Images, Photoshop File (to modify banner), .xml file. View the Read Me file for installation instructions.

- Header gap in IE (8/6)
- Table Footer Color (8/6)

Live Demo (Use Quick theme)

If anyone is interested in an affordable custom theme, contact me via PM or email (see readme). My paid theme's are a bit more extravagant and personalized. You can check out my recent one here:
nice theme Smile

Thanks for sharing
Very cool!
No problem Big Grin
Very nice, although you have a gap from the top image and the actual forum. Overall nice look 7/10 =D
The content holder is way to thin. The tables will indefinitely go outside the holder if the posts have images. The header is also extremely large.

Not really a "Web 2.0" theme either.
The width could be a problem, other than that, nice job.
Renegade - It's supposed to be thin as already stated in the first post ^^; Thanks anyway.

MyBB Workshop - I just fixed it Big Grin! I had forgotten to before, but I had been aware that it would do that. Sorry =P

Thanks for the comments everyone. It is my first free release. I've only done one paid (see first post) and then I do things for some friends. This is the thinnest I've ever done, so it's not like it's a problem with all my skins Toungue
Is there any way I can increase the width a bit?
You would have to edit the header and footer and then increase the container in the CSS to match the new header and footer width. Unfortunately, I don't have a PSD file of the footer, but all you would have to do it stretch it out horizontally (really easy, it can be done in paint, even). I did provide a PSD of the header.

With so much interest in the width (even though it was designed to be thin), I may make a wider one eventually, but it wouldn't be for a while.

Oh and for the links to work, you'd have to update the image mapping of the header and link to correspond with the revisions as well. =P
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