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MyBBoard Professional brings simplicity to MyBB system. A full detailed specification list can be found below.
MyBBoard Professional - Specifications Wrote:- Version 1.0
- Campatible for MyBB 1.4 (Not tested on earlier versions)
- Easily Customizable
+ Simple colour schemes
+ Modern look (Design is based upon IPB Pro)
- Coded from scratch based upon MyBB Default
- Custom images
- All present and future plugins work 100%!
- Full support file included!

- Licensed under "MyBB Workshop License #1"

License #1 - Details
This template is licensed under "MyBB Workshop License #1". Below is explained what is included in this template.

- It is restricted to release this theme else where.
- Don't claim it as your own!
- You can recolor this theme, to suit your needs.
- Your allowed to release recolours, but credit should be given.
- The copyright image and text must stay intact at all times.
- It's restricted to steal snippets of code from this template.
- Action will be taken to offences above!

Other Details
- Created by Ryan of MyBB Workshop.
- Correct coding used.
- If you find someone abusing ther license, contact Ryan immediatly!


[Image: 1_thumb.gif]

We hope you enjoy this template. If you experience any problems, or would like to give feedback, please use the Feedback & Support forums.
Nice theme, thanks Ryan
Glad you like it =D
All comments are appreciated!
nice theme thankyou
Thanks for your comment =]
I am developing a Youtube plugin, you can view it in action here but it's not released yet...
Nice theme, I really like it. It has the professional feel to it too!
Thank you =]
Nice job mate!
Oh No pls help me i want this theme!

i get this error when trying to import the xml
MyBB could not find the theme with the file you uploaded. Please check the file is the correct and is not corrupt.
Download is going down until I fix the XML problem...
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