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Full Version: ie fails bt firefox works
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ok this is a very weird problem

i'm modifying my reCAPTCHA script from 1.2 to 1.4 and i got it installing and activating fine, but when i go to register through IE6 or 7 on a windows XP computer i get the message
Microsoft Internet Explorer
Internet Explorer cannot open the Internet site

Operation aborted 

and yet it works perfectly fine in firefox

i can't find any error code directing me to the problem or anything

and i didn't change any of the "workings" of the plugin, just the install method to make it 1.4 compatable, it worked perfectly fine in 1.2

i've attached my 1.4 beta copy

i'm lost as to how to correct it
You do know MyBB 1.4 has this feature ?
so did 1.2 but that just a plain captcha, not the recaptcha one, which i like better
I always put an annoying javascript popup in my pages the bugs IE users to get FF. It works wonders. But really, it sounds more like a problem with IE than your plugin, since IE follows "Microsoft's HTML Standards" instead of "Real HTML Standards".