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Full Version: Online today
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Is it possible to provide a total of ALL users (registered and unregistered) who've visited your forum today? A sort of list of IP addresses but as I say, including unregistered visits? I know you've produced the excellent "Online Today" and "Adstats" plugins (which as I say, are excellent), but is there a way to depict a total of unregistered users as well? Only reason I ask, is that older versions (1.29) used to have this feature.

Thank you
You can try this:
1) Run the Daily Cleanup task from the AdminCP
2) View the sessions table (via phpMyAdmin or whatever SQL client you prefer)
The "session" table depicts IP, time of visit, location visited, their browser type and a few other statistics but as I asked, is it possible to add a total of all visitors (unregistered and registered) within the last 24 hours? Preferably as a number depicted on the actual forum, not having to view the raw data and count them up.