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Full Version: RunePortal - Your Runescape Resource/Help Site
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Hey Everyone,
My name is Rekkuz and i'm the founder of RunePortal, just wanna let you guys know at RunePortal we providing many features as much as possible for all our member, such as
  • Website
  • Forum
  • Roster
  • Able to Register at forum and talk to all fellow Runescape Players
  • Get the latest News on Runescape Released
  • Get 24/7 Help by our Fellow Members/Staff on Runescape Need
  • Ask Question and get Supports with Problems connect to Runescape
  • Able to Join Events/Etc
  • Get all Games Tips and Guide
  • and many more

* Updated: For Now we still need to hire some Coder and Gfx for our site/forum so pm me if you wanna try out..

Here is:
Forum: RunePortal

Thank Guys

RunePortal Staff Team

P.s Feel free to drop some feedback