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Full Version: Consolecore
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Hi there. I've recently started a gaming forum. ^^
I know my chances to success are really really small but it is fun
trying aint it?

Forum Link:

Aslo this is my first serious attempt to make my own theme for mybb. ^^ I don't know if i really messed something up or..
Don't be so hard on yourself, a bit of hard work and you never know. Nice theme, however the header isn't aligned correctly. Good luck.
I know, the header looks fine in opera and firefox for me but ie messes up. I will try to fix it later.
Good stuff, just to clarify i have to use IE at work, i am usually a firefox user! Sleepy
I am now an admin and we are currently coding a full gaming review/preview system along with a cheat system and a download system. Join up! Sleepy
Very nice theme i must say!