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Full Version: [Release] [1.4] Unreal Themes (All 3 Released!)
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[Image: ad.png]

[Image: UnrealRed.png]

[Image: unrealblue.png]

[Image: unrealblack.png]

Live demos at:

UPDATE: if you downloaded Unreal Blue and Black before, re download it and reinstall it. Sorry...

Thanks Unistic for reporting that.
how soon? Wink
maybe tonight but tomorrow for sure. I need to make postbit icons still.
cool cool, how'd u learn how to do themes? and some html knowledge.

its very easy to learn
oo ok
and some photoshop skills. Im not very good compared to others.
ive watched alot of photoshop videos im pretty good with it
im going to start a theme site i might need your help. Interested?
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