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Full Version: can u sell vip on myBB???
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installed myBB today
im on it now.
But can i sell vip on it?

If so, plz tell me how

plz tell me!!
There isn't a "V.I.P." thing like IPB or vBulletin... YET! But one day..
Actually there is. It's 1.2x now but will be 1.4x by end of week. It's at Mybb Central. MyIPN Subscription Plugin. It takes paypal subscriptions and uses it for payment then IPN notifies mybb site to upgrade person to new usergroup.
What happened to the end of the week thing..? Sorry labrocca, no hurries. Just a inpatient guy, yeah, I know, there are classes for that kinda people.
It's not the end for me yet. Smile Today working 100% on mybb. Creating a new DOCS file now which will be up at mybb central shortly.
Sweet. Ok, thanks!