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Hello, i'm interested in making a plugin for a Latest posts page, like the one WDZ has created for (an older version of mybb), in the past i've been able to modify the search.php file to do it for my forums, but i'd like to make it a plugin, and i have no idea how i might be ale to accomplish that, anybody got any ideas or insight on a method of doing this?
(2008-08-23, 07:58 AM)DennisTT Wrote: [ -> ]Is it this thing:

yup, thats the feature i'm refuring to
Make a copy of search.php, call it something different and apply your modifications?
yeah, thats what i did in the past, but thats much more of a hassel, as everytime theres a mybb update you have to check for specific update and modify the file manually, and its justa whole hassel, i'd like to be able to use the plugin system if possable
It really depends on what you've modified...