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Full Version: SecretMaster Blue v1.4
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Tema Creator: Windmill
Theme name: SecretMaster Blue
Download (Boyut: 1,20 MB)

[Image: 002-1.png]
[Image: 003-1.png]
[Image: 004-1.png]
[Image: 005.png]
Looks good. Nice job. Smile
Looks great, you did a good job on it. Smile Except I don't really care for all the icons in the welcome panel. Toungue
Thanks for comments
I really like it, but I have to agree with FirefoxWix about the icons in the welcome-block.
It si really nice, any chance of being released in English? Oh, and I second FFW's Opinion...
its very nice i hope its in english
(2008-09-10, 11:36 PM)Jamie T Wrote: [ -> ]its very nice i hope its in english
Of course, it's in English.
Really nice theme Big Grin
Nice theme you made on here.
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