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Full Version: [F] The User with no name [R] [C-Michael83]
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I've got a user that tried to register twice.

On the ACP it shows up as " " (space).

On the newest member list he shows up as "No-One".

His e-mail seems legit, seems like he tried to register twice, but probably forgets to choose the member name?

a) should registrations be registered with an empty name?

b) should they be so with a space as a name?

b) what happens with either one? are the accounts functional? usable?

I'm guessing they're not and that's why he tried to register twice (always forgetting to fill the username).

I'm guessing the system should spit an error if you don't do it. But i'm also guessing that since he names him "no-name" in the newest member list it is and has code for it.
You should put on disallowed user names" ". With out the quotations.
I have no idea if he did " " or "". Space, or just plain nothing. In the ACP it seemed to be plain nothing, that the newest members showed him as "No-One" seems to indicate plain nothing too, but i'm not sure.
Just rename him as No-One.
I've renamed him as the handle of his email, but that's no particular solution - the unnamed shouldn't join - it's also probably he'll never know what his username was changed to, thus not login - if it was an honest mistake.
E-mail him.
That'll probably work Smile

Shouldn't it be impossible to register without user name, or is it already...?

I don't think the database really cares about the data. It just wants to store it.

So i don't really know.
Well it accepts spaces.............
I believe that this is a bug ... moved to bug reports.
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