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Full Version: Typo on' About:The Team' page
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I was looking at MyBB credits on my forum, and went to the 'more info' page..

Guess what I noticed?

Quote:The people listed on this page are part of the "MyBB Group." This group of people, commonly referred to as the MyBB team, dedicates spare time and effort to the maintenance of MyBB and its assets. Some are developers and manage MyBB itself; some are support members and help others sort out problems with MyBB; some have other roles, but everyone's contribution to MyBB is important. There are more people contributing to MyBB than the people on these list, but these are the official members of the MyBB Group.

Yeah, 'these' list. Let's get that changed to 'this', so it will be all prettyful and grammatically correct!

Yes, I know, I have way too much time on my hands and I should probably be doing something more useful.. Toungue