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Full Version: MyBB Wiki, anyone?
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First of all, I'd like to thank the developers of MyBB for doing a GREAT job with their software - trust me, you WILL eventually dominate over phpBB, SMF, IceBB, and MyTopix in the free BBS industry. With MyBBFree and other MyBB services, MyBB will most likely succeed IPB in the Free BBS Industry Smile. The theme system is SOOOO good, and, it's the only free forum software with the "Similar Threads" feature, if I'm not mistaken Smile.

I'd like to suggest to the MyBB Team to make an official Wiki for MyBB Software. The Wiki would be most helpful to the newbies to the Coding Style, and Templating System (Most likely the two main problems of people who are new to a BBS system). I'd like to confess though, that this idea is NOT original. I got this idea from one of the resource sites ( , to be exact) of one of your compeditors, IceBB. If you guys are too busy - would it be ok for you guys, if an unofficial Wiki would be made?
We do have a wiki in the making.