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Full Version: Justify - Afresh Mint (Need Help URGENT)
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Hi to all
need some help on this

were is the Justify??


the theme is "Afresh Mint"

Try sending a PM to Justin S.
Hi just send a pm to Justin S, but no one wanser.
please need help on this. It's urgent
replace your editor theme from mybb package. It ll fix your problem
editor theme? How?
All theme?
Sory, I am newbie in this fields, so I need more details.
And thanks for your consideration
just goto

admincp --> click the themes/templates tab ---> click on YOUR THEME ---> and scroll down to editor and choose either default or office 2007
OK I change to office 2007 and work fine. thanks
[email protected] I need some help ..! me ! add me if you want to help me!
(2008-12-21, 10:08 PM)flantrex Wrote: [ -> ][email protected] I need some help ..! me ! add me if you want to help me!
You haven't even given a clue as to what your problem is.....Huh.