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Full Version: Custom BBCodes
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Are Custom BBCodes in the To Do List of MyBB? Hehe...
Maybe you guys can add this feature Smile. It's very useful, and, it makes forums have a more unique feel Smile.
I think it's already quite easy to do this with a plugin, as with a plugin, you have ability to do much more than what would possibly be limiting with an ACP page.
But Custom BBCodes are easier for plugin-noobs, which, no offence to anyone, consists of many people.

Whereas, with a Custom BBCode function, you can just copy and paste from a source, or even better, upload it from an XML file.
It really simple to do with the plugin. But you still will need to add the HOOK (one line) to file functions_post but after that you keep all your code in the plugin file!

I am working on a simple Admin Panel page that will allow to create the plugins right in the Admin Panel, so you activate / deactivate / create / delete plugins with ease. I have it almost done. All you will need to do is just replace ./admin/plugins.php with my new one. It will add a new class file to your INC folder the first time it runs.

It has all kinds of neat premade functions like....

custom mycode..


[group=3,1]only can be seen by these group(s)[/group]

then other stuff

multi signatures.. (select signature drop list shown when posting)

world weather = get weather reports in your cp / forum home

spell check = a remote spell checker service for MyBB forums only (no ads)

extend PHP code = show code as (numbered list/array)

core PHP functions URL link to manual ie...

echo nl2br ( $text );

If you want me to show you how to add custom MYBB code just give me a list of the [tags] you want to add also giving me the list of replacements for each of those tag.


Sonds nice what ur are diong Smile
But is it necessary to add a plugin if you want your custom code to be a simple task Big Grin
Why not use the HTML_BBCodeParser package from PEAR? People could then easily create custom filters.

A side note about the idea of using plugins to parse custom BB Code, the $message should be passed as reference in the hook, otherwise only the last plugin will have any effect.
$plugins->run_hooks("parse_message", $message);
Then in your plugin:
function test_parse_message(&$message) {
// manipulate $message directly
printf - Do you think the group visibility function will be made available seperately from the plugin?
Group Visibility has the same problem as Private - anyone replying to that post would be able to see the BB Code (and hence the "secret" message).