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Full Version: [Released] K! Transparent Mybb v1.4.x
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K! Transparent
Theme Name: K! Transparent
Designed for: MyBB 1.4.x
Designed by: Ak - 47
Theme Preview: Preview of K! Transparent
Short Description: Transparent theme idea given by one of my friend Haider. This theme is only for Dark background colors.
Download License:
You can't redistribute this theme. By downloading this, you are agreeing not to re-distribute any part of this theme.
You can't remove the copyright on the footer.
Note: Please read the Read me file included in package to install theme.
Smiles For Dark background included in theme package

Download at K! Dezign CLICK HERE
Looks cool, good for sites that want a real simple layout.

However, you shouldn't be using that "source" image in your theme as I believe it belongs to another site..unless the owner gave you permission to use it.
looks a skin from the old yabb forums, kinda bad for the eyes
@ Bless its not from any yabb forums. its my own skin.

I am Theme designer at Mybbsource and i am allowed you use his logo image. All of my created themes copyrighted to K! Dezign & MybbSource.

K! Transparent is a fully transparent theme. where you just need to change Background image or Background color. As you can see in preview how theme changes color.

Thanks for the replies.
wow, this theme is great for a web designer like me, it allows full website colour integration.
Thanks Smile
pretty cool man Smile
you guys are welcome, I you have any request head to K! Design we will try to full fill your needs Smile