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Full Version: Discuss: MyBB Goes Open Source, Now GNU GPL v3 Licensed
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Hmm...I guess I should comment. Interesting news and sort of unexpectec but at the same time I think it's long overdue. No sense in fussing around with a semi-free license of your own when you plan to continually be free. Also a custom license probably just confused some people that might have wanted to use it.

As for removal of copyright. I will probably remove it on if for one reason only. To avoid hackers! hehe..what amazes me is how often some noob member thinks they can imitate my site and first thing they do is install mybb and copy my forum structure.

Bundling mybb for resale is a worthless proposition for most but maybe we will see mybb get more exposure. What might be nice is prepackages with the templates (images and all) built in.

For me this really doesn't change anything.

Congrats to mybb and the team.
Congrats Mybb. I won't remove the powered by mybb on any of my sites that use Mybb.
(2008-10-12, 11:51 AM)Zash Wrote: [ -> ]Hmm...will we get support if we remove the 'Copyright 2008 MyBB Group' but left the 'Powered by MyBB'?

So we left like half of it. It will contain a link back of course.

Wooowww... I can't believe it.
Great news!!!
its amazing.. Good News, for the great free software!!
Proud to be MyBB fans
I doesn;t harm to keep the MyBB link, where would 99.9% of MyBB users be if Mybb didnt exist, either empty pocketed after [aying out their life earning for an IPB license or stuck trying to create some rubbish excuse for a forum of their own accord!

I will definitely keep the MyBB copyright on my forum, and don't think it will hirt anybody else to do the same!

Also, I can see you getting much more popular with these people who only ever use Open-source software (namely linux users!) Go MyBB!
Bravo! It is good to see it released under the GNU..., I am sure that this will now allow for alot of projects based off the source code....., I am always pleased to hear more and more of the great bbs's, cms's, blog's etc etc jump on the open source "band-wagon".Big Grin
Woh! I saw this announcement on my RSS feed and thought it was a joke!

But, really, this is great news. I think this is a huge step forward.

What about developer access? Is MyBB going to follow suit with an open source development model?
So good, great work ! Smile
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