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Full Version: [Release] Notebook (v1.4.2)
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Theme Name: Notebook
Designed for: MyBB 1.4.2
Designed by: FirefoxWiz
Design Team: MyBBThemes Team
Short Description: A notebook-like theme with paper icons, notebook background, and a custom button set to match! Upgraded version of the 1.2.x Notebook. Smile Seemed to be a pretty popular and well-liked theme. Heart

Installation Instructions:
1) Upload the included image folder to your ./images directory
2) Import included theme XML into your Admin CP > Templates & Style > Import a Theme.
3) Switch to the new theme via your User Control Panel!
4) Enjoy the new look of your forum. Smile

Download @ MyBBThemes:
That is one very cool theme, -pats on back-
nice forum bit
Thanks guys, glad you like it! Smile
good works pretty themesé
Nice theme.
Is there a way to change the buttons language? (PSD,etc)
Nice to see this theme updated Smile
The width seems to not cover my entire screen! 19" widescreen. What's up?? The notebook background ends and theres just brown on the far right. . .