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Full Version: [F] changing week start day issue [C-Michael83]
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hi there
i use mybb 1.4.2, and just noticed that if i change week start to saturday instead of default, week days are off, i mean today is monday 20th, i change start week on to saturday instead of default and it's thursday the 20th

it's more annoying than serious, i hope the error isn't from my side Smile
Where are you editing it??
(2008-10-20, 03:34 PM)Matt_ Wrote: [ -> ]Where are you editing it??

in admin CP
Well what I meant was do you go to ACP > Configuration > Calendars > *choose calendar* > Edit > Start of Week > Saturday?? When I do that it works ok... can you give us the link to your calendar??
Go to manage the Calendar, and change the weekday option.

He does have a point though, it's quite strange...

Basically I think it changes the first day of the month to the day you select, and therefore changes the rest of the dates.

For example, if you select wednesday, then wednesday becomes the 1st October. If you select tuesday, then tuesday becomes the 1st October...
Oh yeah, just so happened that when I tested it it worked ok. Just changed the start of the week to Thursday, and it's now telling me that today is Tuesday 20th.
well that's exactly the problem, i mean is that meant to be that way?

i change it exactly like u guys say, if that helps Smile
Na I'd say this was a bug, it changes the date, which seems wrong to me.
(2008-10-22, 10:03 PM)Matt_ Wrote: [ -> ]Na I'd say this was a bug, it changes the date, which seems wrong to me.

i'd be really glad to help the MyBB guys find a bug* Smile

anyway should i be reporting this or what should i do?

*not that i want them to find any Big Grin
Well I'd wait to see if any of the staff see this, they'll probably move it to the bugs forum if it is regarded as a bug.
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