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Full Version: [Released] Zai Series Theme Mybb v1.4.x
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[Image: zai-rlogo.gif]
Zai Series Themes For Mybb v1.4.x
Theme Name: Zai Series
Designed for: MyBB 1.4.x
Designed by: Ak - 47
Theme Preview: It a preview of Zai Sky
Zai Series Buttons Preview:
Short Description: Zai series theme available in 11 colors with Unique buttons style. Zai series has his very own built-in Css Forum legend & Ads/Gallery feature. Please read READ ME FIRST file included in theme package
Download License:
You can't redistribute this theme. By downloading this, you are agreeing not to re-distribute any part of this theme. You can't remove the copyright on the footer.
To Download : Vist K! Dezign | |

Download Zai Series Available Colors:
Zai Black
[Image: zai-black.gif]
Zai Blue
[Image: zai-blue.gif]
Zai Brown
[Image: zai-brown.gif]
Zai Chocolate
[Image: zai-choco.gif]
Zai Green
[Image: zai-green.gif]
Zai Ocean
[Image: zai-ocean.gif]
Zai Orange
[Image: zai-orange.gif]
Zai Pink
[Image: zai-pink.gif]
Zai Red
[Image: zai-red.gif]
Zai Sky
[Image: zai-sky.gif]
Zai Yellow
[Image: zai-yellow.gif]
looks nice
i will try
Asif you are very welcome Smile