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Full Version: italian support and other languages
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Hello, i'm italian so sorry for my english

I suggest to insert a section for the Italian support and I can help you , i know that exists but it is something in more in this forum, besides I ask if you can insert other language to choose as even Italian.

what do you think?
I think each language should have their own board personally. It makes the forum less cramped(even though you could collapse the categories) and makes it so mods/themes are separated also. Not that I don't want them to be all in one place but I would like to get mods/themes I can actually read Big Grin.

I think the current set up is fine. And, if we include more than just English with they release of mybb we would have to include about every language.
Sorry but i don't understand you good, don't you approve my idea, right?

Our translation and internationalization head is Tochjo. If you don't see a response from him in this thread soon, you can PM him. a
I wait tochjo
Please Tochjio reply:p
Dennis said you can PM him... :|
I sent PM to Tochjo, I will wait a reply, I hope it!
If we would create a support forum for all languages, the Internationalization forum would be a crowded place in no time. The support forums that are there currently are for Dutch and Spanish, languages of which we thought we would get many people asking for support in and when we created these forums, no other support forums for these questions existed. In the end, we would like to see other forums being created for support questions in those languages, so we don't need those subforums anymore either.

In your case, Italian, there already exists a support forum for questions. I think it's a far better idea to join your efforts in one place than to give support in multiple locations. Therefore, I suggest you join and help out there Smile