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Full Version: GreenAndGrey
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Only my 2nd theme...

Author: Dalton
Name: GreenAndGrey
MyBB Version: 1.4.x
Screenshots: , , - *note* there's a little blue bar in this screenshot, and in the 2nd. This has been fixed, so it's not out of place.
Download: From My Site! or From

Do not remove the copyright, and if you find any bugs or have any suggestions post here or I.M. me on aim.. daltonstark
Thanks. Smile
very clean design!
i like it but the demo forums has some sort of error
That's because the server he is currently on has MySQL offline.
Yeah, sorry about that. Tyreus is going down quite a bit this month..
@Leandro17: Thanks.. Smile
Again, as I posted on iathe:
I am just soooooo jealous of your skillz. </sarcasm>