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Full Version: I'm not sure if you want this kind of help... (re: The Wiki)
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IMO, tons of useful information gets buried in this forum, and it (sometimes) can be hard to find, even when using "search."

I did read the contribution standards for the wiki, and I'm not sure if you want this kind of help.

1) First, I added a single link to an existing page. The new link is called "More Good Ideas Related To Themes"
2) This page is not an article. It is currently one link, and could eventually have several related ones.
3) Adding To Your UserCP is not an article either. It briefly describes two very useful code modifications, gives credit to DragonFever, and links back to the actual code here in the forum. How to add the Subscribed Threads and Notepad to your default userCP (MyBB 1.4.x)

Sometimes, my "good ideas" don't seem so great to other people.
So I'm not sure if the community wants this type of help?
Lets try and keep documentation on the wiki to official MyBB information
OK, that's why I asked.