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Full Version: [F] Quick Reply Hanging is back
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#40229 - Quick Reply Problem With Hanging [R] [C-Michael83]

That is marked as fixed but immediately I am having the same issue with 1.4.4.

The fix was removed so I can't even make sure that the new version is actually utilizing it.

You can make posts up to the second page and you will get a hang. It happens even here in test area.

line 776 should be this:
echo 'window.location = "'.addslashes($url).'";'."\n";

According to the google cache and checking the "changed files" package...this isn't actually changed.

I checked both the changed files package and the 1.4.4 full download.

If this is missing what else is missing?
I don't know how the heck that happened.
The download and changed file package has been updated.