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This is my forum. It did have a custom skin on it untill I upgraded it to RC3. The skin was made by 2$CoMpLiCaTeD$4u. The site is dedicated to helping people with forums. Installs, Mod installs and so on after that. We deal with all different forum bb's. Come on over and check us out.
It's an Invision Power Board. Not a myBB. Wink
It was a MyBB.. Undecided
Tell me about it. The board was indeed MyBB... he took a quick turn to IPB for some odd reason. No problems at all with what he (Ed) had.

Eh... no worries. After the current events at IPB... he is turning back to MyBB fairly soon. I believe with the site relaunch or something along those lines.
Yes i know this. I know the guy for the most part. The place does deal with all kinds of boards.. altho the default forums were MyBB for sometime.

I did find out however why he did switch over... i guess the updater from RC-2 to RC-3 kinda ticked him off to no end. So he threw up his arms and said screw it.

Eh... goes to show you what research can accomplish on the Bulletin Boards home forums....
Maybe he is going to try a Invision --> MyBB forum converter?
2$CoMpLiCaTeD$4u Wrote:Eh... no worries. After the current events at IPB...

IPB (invsion power board) got greedy and now only offer update of their forum to paying customers.
Chris, I'm sorry... you shouldn't have listened to me last night Toungue
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