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Full Version: [Release] Mybb2pdf (export threads as PDF's)
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From any thread you can export as PDF.

I have added a link on each thread in footer under the Printable Version link.
[Image: 748-120408-170242.png]

Hopefully this will be very popular. Realize that Google does index PDF's.

I believe this addon (not a plugin) will enhance search engine indexing and overall user experience. For those long threads or ones that are tutorials this is perfect. You might ask what's the difference with printable version. For starters PDF's display with uniformity across different platforms much better. The printable version isn't really an export either. Yes you can save it as a file but that's practical or as portable as a PDF file. <-- Download Link

This is great. Thanks!
Now, THAT is cool! Awesome work! Big Grin
Nice work i'm thinking in paid a suscription
Sweet! very good labrocca awesome plugins as always!
Thanks labrocca, for useful plugins..
OMG, my computer for some reason had Adobe Acrobat, but doesn't I can't make PDFs for eBooks.

I could use this to make my own eBooks Toungue