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Full Version: [F] Guest posting bug [R] [C-Michael83]
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If a guest uses full reply or makes a new thread and enters their login details in the login form provided as part of the posting form, makes a post as usual and enters the CAPTCHA, they get taken to a no perms page, and the post doesn't go through. When the page is reloaded, they are logged in. Quick Reply is ok, that works fine, it's just entering the login details that doesn't work.

Steps to reproduce:
  1. Make a forum with full permissions for guest posting.
  2. View board as a guest, go to said forum, find a thread and click the full reply button, or create a new thread.
  3. Enter log in details, make post, and enter CAPTCHA.
  4. Click send and you'll see a no permissions page.
  5. Refresh or load a new page and you'll be logged in, with no post made.
MyBB 1.4.4, happens with PHP 5.2.6

Edit: Added that it's the same for making new threads, and that guest posting when not trying to log in works fine. The guest has full posting permissions in that forum, and obviously the admin account that I was trying to log in with also has full perms for everything.

2nd edit: If you can't reproduce, it happens on my forum and I'll gladly give the team login details if needed.
Me nor Tom could reproduce.
Hmm, ok, I'll video it when I get home then... this happened both on someone else's forum, and then my own.

Edit: Ok here's screenshots...

Normal permissions are correct:


Advanced permissions are correct:


Make a new thread, enter details, enter captcha properly...


Hit send and get a no perms page. And you can see that guests can view the threads from the permissions. When you just leave the username as 'Guest' and no password, everything is fine, it posts and I can view, and quick reply works fine, it's just when you put in your details. The problem is on my live forum, my test forum on the same server, my localhost test forum, and someone else's (where I found the problem). Also the forum with the screenshots is completely standard 1.4.4, and a refresh shows me as logged in after doing this.

Am I missing something obvious?? Huh
Ah, the title makes it sound like you stay as a guest.
Edit: Yeah the title is a bit vague, my bad Toungue

Anyway, can you reproduce now??
I was still unable to reproduce this, both on local server and on my site's server(PowWeb). Maybe a video would be helpful if you wouldn't mind?
Will do Smile Remind me if I don't get it done today.
(12-15-2008, 10:38 AM)MattR Wrote: [ -> ]Will do Smile Remind me if I don't get it done today.

Will do! Wink
Ok, this should be a bit clearer.

Note passwords are saved here, but the exact same thing happens on Safari, where passwords are NOT saved, so it isn't to do with saved passwords.

Video here.

Edit: This is a fresh 1.4.4 install, I literally deleted all files, installed it again and then did this.
Even following you're video "tutorial" - I was unable to replicate it:/
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