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Full Version: Thank You MyBB
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I'd like to thank MyBB. First of all, for having a great forum software. Second, for your great support, you know like I ask something and about 30 minutes later I can expect it answered Wink

There are times that I get tired of using the same software, so I look for other softwares, such as SMF, IPB, phpBB or whatever, but i've never found anything better than MyBB. It is very simple to use, the theme manager is simple, templates, everything. I remember when I used InvisionFree and GreatBoard, that hosted IPB and phpBB automatically, but when I found MyBB then I started looking for a host, because I really wanted it. What you think I found? MyBB Hosting. Ok so MyBB don't only have a great forum software, awesome support, easy to use Admin CP, but it also has hosting, that even installed MyBB for me the very first time! Now I can install myself Wink I also like a lot all the plugins and mods it has, and all the board settings you may change on the ACP

I believe that MyBB has a good chance to be one of the very best free forum softwares out there. It only has just a few minor bugs, nothing serious.

Everyone who haven't tried MyBB, I strongly recommend it!!! If you see it for the first time, and you think is good, DOWNLOAD IT AND HOST IT. If you don't like the way it is, or you think it's crappy or something, DOWNLOAD IT AND HOST IT (you'll see that you're wrong Wink)

And again..... THANKS
Yup, I love MyBB.

Great stuff.

Open and Free. Just like the best stuff is. Open Source 4 Lyfe!
And for those of you who dont want to download and install, use for all testing/community forums. Its really good.