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Full Version: Mecrovibe Preview & Release
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Hi Guys,
I made this new Theme for MyBB 1.4 ever since I was beta testing 1.4 Beta. I had plans on making it something more special but haven't quite had the time to do so. I have it already coded and everything, I just wanted your input before I release it later today. All graphics (except the default MyBB graphics and the navigation icons), where designed and built by me.



I don't care what you do to it. Copy it, steal it, sell it, rip it, destroy it, (anything I missed? Toungue), do anything you want with it. Just so you know, it doesn't come with a Warranty and you use it at your own risk.

Let me know what you guys think of it,
Best Regards.
Don't use that background! It doesn't look simple enough to match the entire gesture of the theme. It looks too complex to well, be simple, like the rest of the theme. :s
Thanks for your comment. The background doesn't currently match, however you should understand that the initial design had the theme "like in the background" going on throughout the entire layout.
Hmm this is nice, but incomplete. If you are releasing it as it is, I will gladly take it and 'finish it' for Divine Studios, giving you credit of course.
(2008-12-17, 01:48 AM)Zash Wrote: [ -> ]Hmm this is nice, but incomplete. If you are releasing it as it is, I will gladly take it and 'finish it'..

Would you? That would be great. No credit needed to be left, you can release it under whatever license you want. I just want to see it being put to use, I never had the time to finish it and really don't want it to go to waist, so if you want it pm me, and I'll send over the files.
Best Regards.
That looks like it could be amazing there rcpalace.