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Full Version: 1.4 default theme positioning
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Hi there,

With the default theme in 1.4, I notice that the username box has moved to the top of the post rather than the left (and the avatars and signatures are missing). Can someone please advise me on how to position it back to the left?

Admin CP -> Configuration -> Settings -> Show Thread Options -> and select: Display posts using the classic layout
UserCP > Edit Options > "Display posts in classic mode."

or you can use thi query:
UPDATE mybb_users SET classicpostbit = 1 WHERE 0=0
Thanks Giangy94, that worked.

One more thing, now my signatures and avatars are hidden. How can I fix this?
Actually, disregard that. It seems to be some sort of issue where they don't display for me.
can you post a link of your forum?