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Full Version: Christmas Theme - fixed bg image
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This is my first theme for free posted here on the Mybb site. You can find a small collection of themes on my site as well. Just click the siggy and you'll get there.

This is a simple Christmas theme aimed at pleasing young and old alike.

My site is new and more stuff is coming in the future.

This theme includes a logo.psd so anyone with Photoshop can edit the logo to have their site's name on it.

You are free to use this theme for your own site.
Do not redistribute this theme and call it your own. All my graphics are hand made and fall under copyright laws.
Do not chop my theme and use the graphics and distribute them as your own.
You MAY alter the theme to suit your own site's needs.
Please leave my credits at the bottom. It's a small favor to ask in return for the free theme.

NOTE: I realized that the background image that is called for in the header and background was not put in the folder. I am sincerely sorry for this. Blush

I attached a NEW theme folder for upload that is now correct and I also tossed in here just the background image if you don't want to download a whole new theme.

Simply download the christmas bg zip, unzip it and upload the image page_bg.gif to your themes/christmas folder and it will automatically show up.

Again I truly apologize for this error!


Download your Christmas theme:

background image missing in original theme folder. Download and simply upload this via ftp to your christmas folder and the snofall background will show up automatically. Sorry bout that!
change the xml look <logo><![CDATA[themes/christmas/header/logo.png]]></logo> LOGO is a gif
And change the on and off it use the default one.

I have no idea what you are talking about. Can you please explain in a little more detail?

It is not using the default logo, it is using the logo I made in the folder the theme is in. It's a .png on purpose.
I have no idea what you mean by change the xml look either.
The header and logo is not showing up
And it use the on and off.gif from the default theme see picture.

You didn't follow the instructions on how to upload the theme's images folder.
You need to make a NEW directory called themes and install the themes christmas folde there. ALL the images will show up then.

Please read the instructions carefully. If you need help pm me your ftp info and I can fix it for you. DO NOT post your ftp or cpanel info on the board. Alternatively you can join my site and ask for help there.
I installed it as per the readme file, and all images are showing up fine...the logo and new, no new icons are the correct ones included with the download.
As Goggalor stated, read the included instructions, and pay particular attention to the punctuation you use for the folders.

BTW Goggalor...awesome job on this theme. It even includes an editor theme.
I like it Smile Good job.
Very nice bud Blush
Thanks for the compliments everyone. Glad you like the theme.
I also have one on my site for taking called Winter Frost if you want a wintery theme without all the Christmas-y stuff.

Jamie T...... I'm a lady. Big Grin

Gordie.... all my themes come with editors.
thanks a lot for this great theme Goggalor