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Full Version: defualt theme
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the defualt mybb theme is kinda messed up, is there a way to fix it?

check the corner of the image, i deactivated the plugin tube gallery and it added a second link then more.
Messed up how? An image to look at would be good here.
ACP-->Themes and Styles-->Templates-->*select theme*-->Header Templates, remove all the "Tube video gallery" or whatever..
Yeah there seems to be an error with this plugin where it doesn't delete the HTML from the templates when it's deactivated. As Dalton said, all you have to do is manually remove it from the header template.
hey, my mood does the same thing what template would that be in?

You could always use the template search feature and search for 'mood' or something Smile
o ya i forgot about that haha, thanks
No problem. Smile
im pretty good with forums but, some things i still need to learn =]