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Full Version: Who are the people behind MyBB
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k776 Wrote:Yes. Chris has said that MyBB will always be free.
That's not the same thing as a Free Software license.
I'm something to do with MyBB too :p I'm "support" staff. Here to help and assist, however I mostly just troll around the Customization zone. Big Grin
So only one person is the hard coder and some other helping.
I wish could help you with project. I like it and I don't want to die
There's also Tikitiki, who's a great help.

Besides, staff, what was that about the "under 20" boys? Toungue
I'm here too, aren't I?
Lol, sorry CraKteR, thought you already posted something. Wink

Yeah you're also great!
This is a very old thread. The staff have changed a lot. Current active developers include: Chris, Me, Crakter and DennisTT. Also Justin S. does a lot of design for the new ACP
Well guys, nice to meet you.
If there is any way to help you, don't hesitate to ask.
[wiki]MyBB Team[/wiki]

I think we are still regarded as under-20 geeks in basements, although we have established our virtual office since then.
Once I find the student trial version (or maybe a different version on a torrent site...) of my school's 3D program I'll start drawing it out in 2D and then extrude the layers into 3D objects. (Something to do over the summer....)
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