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[Image: b4303d48a0bed5089208cd7f287f6068ecab3435_220x185.png]

News, reviews, previews and more on the PS3's world on!

What do you think about my site? Big Grin
It's great! I love it.

Nice job man, it looks like you put a good deal of effort into it.
Great job on your site. IF only it was in English so I could read it Smile
Looks great, only thing I'd say is lower the amount of things showing on the overview, maybe show the last 10 or something... other than that, keep the good work Smile
You may want to check against opera
Im sad! I want your site so badly! Well done, nice design there.
can we make a law against that damn snowflake effect

other than that, nice
Thanks for the comments!

(12-27-2008, 08:32 PM)hemi Wrote: [ -> ]You may want to check against opera

Thanks! How can I fix it?
Great job! Finally something original!!
Thanks Tom! Wink
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