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What do you use for mailing list?
Interspire Email Marketer. Go buy it, it's awesome.

Disclosure: I work for Interspire.
(2009-01-01, 12:33 PM)Chris Boulton Wrote: [ -> ]Interspire Email Marketer. Go buy it, it's awesome.

I'm totally agree with you. It's the best mailing list software on the net.
That looks great actually... I never get the emails though from here though, when I try and subscribe it says I already am, and when I try and unsubscribe, it says it'll send me an email to confirm it, and it never comes.

*sigh* Sad

Edit: Nevermind, I signed up with my MyBB address and forward them to my usual account.
I want something free:p
(2009-01-01, 03:54 PM)Giangy94 Wrote: [ -> ]I want something free:p Smile
Thank you!
(2009-01-01, 12:33 PM)Chris Boulton Wrote: [ -> ]Interspire Email Marketer. Go buy it, it's awesome.

Indeed, but I don't need one. I have my own. Toungue
Hi there!

I'm subscribed to the MyBB Update Mailing List an received the news about 1.4.8 on June 30th. But no notice on 1.4.7 or 1.4.6.
1.4.5 was announced April 21st.

Sad thing is, that my forum got hacked today by an Iran guy. I guess he used the 1.4.6 vulnerability.

My question: is it a fault on my side, that I didn't receive the announcement of 1.4.7? Did you actually send one? Is there an addtional RSS feed for stuff like this?

I don't log in to my admin account in my forum every day to check for a new version. So I need some sort of way to know about high risk security releases...
No, they weren't sent out. We apologise your forum was compromised because of this, but it hopefully won't happen again. We are now using the MyBB Blog for updates, so you can subscribe to the RSS feed here.
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