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Full Version: Problem with content padding
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I've been working on this for quite some time now, couldn't figure it out tho:
I'm trying to customize a skin for PR2 and I want to create a banner like the one on this page:
There are four different images used, arranged in a table in front of the background image. I tried this in PR2 and all I got so far is this:
[Image: PR2banner.jpg]
There seems to be an 8 pixel margin between the edge of the page and the content everywhere, except for the background image. I tried pretty much everything to get rid of this, set padding to 0 in Theme Manager everywhere - nothing. Only thing that worked so far is positioning via CSS, but it doesn't look the same in IE and FF so it's unacceptable.

Could somebody help me out here?

Try this: Go to Admin-CP -> Themes -> Edit/Delete -> *your theme* -> Edit

Search for the box "Body" and enter into the box for extra CSS this code:
margin: 0px;
padding: 0px;
Then save tha changes.
That's it, how could I miss that... Probably tried everywhere else but not there...Rolleyes
Actually it was just the margin that needed to be changed.
Thanks a bunch!
(Danke! Wink)