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Full Version: Solution: Double borders
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I want to add a double border to the blocks like on Picture #2. I think it looks a lot more stylish. I tried just adding a table around it but somehow it garbles it up. (Im not into thead/tbody stuff)

Any ideas to add another border to the blocks?

Picture 1: Yahoo double border
[Image: doubleborder1kl.png]

Picture 2: Blocks where I want it
[Image: block4yd.png]

I found out how. Go to the Templates section, select your template.

First, it's recommended you set "Inner Table Border Width" to 0.
Then, go to "table border" and set background to #FFFFFF (This will make the inner border white)

Then, add this to the current content of the "Extra CSS attributes" section.
padding: 1px;
border: 1px solid #939393;

(Where #939393 is the colour of the outer border)