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Full Version: Custom profile fields on posbit with images
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I tried to add them but confussing I added the profield fields on postbit but only displays in texts and looks like in blank with no style.

A photo of what I have in mind:
[Image: 112200941930pmxl0.png]
Any help someone can bring?
Can you give a bit more detail? Are you talking about the group images?
Not really look at the images if you see closely you can see Age / Gender Image / Country Flag
I want to know how to add those things...
As I'm sure I've said somewhere else, that is from an older version of MyBB and is probably a plugin, and it will require a plugin to do now, so moved to requests. I've even told you how you might be able to get the flag and gender...
Ok thanks MattR hope to be done.
Any one gonna make this?
Yep is official this plugin was made for an old version of MyBB can someone contact author? If get my hands on it can someone make it compatible with MyBB 1.4.4?
The plugins are Lex's at MyBB Center (to download you need to pay $5) and they are 1.4* compatible.

Lex's are free, actually Smile