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Full Version: Gap appears under New Thread button...Why?
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A gap has appeared under the new thread button on my forum. The more threads get posted the bigger the gap gets. Can anyone tell my why and how to fix it. Cheers.
This is a problem with a theme, rather than with MyBB...

Rather odd, as there isn't anything wrong in the source (or not that I noticed). Try and remove any whitespace in the forumdisplay_newthread template.

Although the best thing to do would be to contact the author of the theme.
Thanks for your help Tom.
gavin, you should really change the star images ... :|
Yeah it's on my to do list but i'm brand new to this and still finding my way around. If you can tell how to do it that'd be good.Big Grin
Just edit the star image to have a black background instead of white and reupload them.
Just incase anyone else comes across this error.

The problem was eventually traced to the following code


being in the forumdisplay_thread template.