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Full Version: Migration from SMF
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I was planning to migrate a forum from SMF to myBB. What bothers is the loss of the DB. Is there any way of doing it? Or do I have to start from scratch?
Does merge system 1.3 RC 3 go well with SMF 1.1.7 to MyBB 1.4.4 ? Will it change anything to the SMF db or leave it intact while it migrates to myBB?
If you use the RC 3, then yes, that should work with SMF 1.1.7, but you can only go to 1.2, and then upgrade to 1.4. If you were to use the SVN, you could go straight to 1.4, although that's technically still only for testing, so I personally would say use the RC3 and then upgrade to 1.4 after.

I 'assume' it will convert the live database. However, if you make a complete backup of it first, you can revert to that and try again should anything go wrong.

Also, I'll move this across to the merge forum Smile
Thanks for moving Smile
Ok, so it's a long job: Install 1.2 -> Migrate SMF to MyBB -> Upgrade to 1.4

But it's worth it Wink

Thanks, I'll ask if I'm stuck (though I doubt I'll do the migrating before Monday)

It sounds like a long job, but it's the safest way. I mean I doubt anything would happen if you used the SVN but it is still Beta.

This weekend I'm going to test out the Merge System myself, so I may be able to be of more help then Smile
I'm going to point out that the SVN Snapshot is probably as stable as the RC's (after all it is in beta. It's not like it's alpha code...)