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Full Version: Issue with Theme Installation
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Good evening.

First time with myBB. Clean 1.4.4 install to localhost, XAMPP on OSX 10.5.6. PHP ver 5.2.6.

Everything installed like a charm. I'm CHMOD 777 across the board.

When I go to install a theme's XML file, I get this error:

' PHP returned: Missing a temporary folder. Please contact your forum administrator with this error. '

So what's the deal with this one? I have all my permissions set correctly, and it's not an issue of corrupted files. I've tried with several different themes. Is this genuinely a missing folder, or a permissions problem within PHP? Is it a version issue with PHP? Surely not.



Paul Woolsey
Icarus Media Design
Is this when browseing for the .xml?? Have you tried uploading it to the file manager and giving the URL to it instead??
Hmm. I get the same error when attempting to upload the .xml via URL as I do when browsing for the file locally.
Did you check the Ignore Compatibility?
It would give a different error message if the version was the problem.

Tell you what, give me the link of the theme you want to use, I'll upload it to my forum to get the CSS it adds a bit easier, and if you can also PM me admin login details to your forum, I'll manually add the CSS.
Well, I'm hosted locally, not on a public-facing site at this time. I can manually cut and paste the css into a new theme. That's not the problem, really. My concern is that this error is indicative of much larger problems elsewhere in my web server setup.

I'm well experienced with HTML and CSS. It's the PHP I'm just getting into.

Thanks for all the help.