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Full Version: Learn Vista
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Today is the grand opening of Learn Vista. We are a new community dedicated to Windows Vista. The idea of this was me owing about 3 PCs running Vista, both bits. I have been working with Vista since a week after its release. Vista has many advanced features, which you may not know about. I have setup Compatibility reports, which reports working Vista programs. These are hidden as well as tutorials. We have setup a small XP section. For full access you must be logged in. Also the idea was formed from Matt's Learn myBB, So Thanks. If your interested please visit
Well, you sure do have a lot of competition, and your forums started up after a BUNCH.

Oh yeah, that is one heck of a template. Did you make it?
Nah, its from IVeo, but i am planing to customize it.
It might be a bit late, considering Windows 7 is just about release. Good luck with the site though
After the release of windows 7, the site will updated to a Windows help site. Which will support Vista and 7. 7 is very similar to Vista too.
I don't know about the legalities of the images you use, you may have to create a disclaimer for them and also state that you're not affiliated with Microsoft.

Also, why name the forum Learn Vista when you also have forums for XP as well? Surely it'd be in your own interest to create a name that includes both OS versions.
From the copyright "Vista is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation", but I guess I can change that.