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Full Version: Argh.
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Hey guys... i need a dark skin for mybb. Everyone i seem to find is not in english. =[ I am using mybb 1.4.4 so its hard to find skins up to date.

Please if anybody has one i will be very greatfull.

-Thank you.
No languages are hard coded, they use language variables... if you install the theme, and have a different language pack, it'll show that language, that's the point of language variabels Smile
Unreal Black

Anyways to help you out, just find a theme you like import the theme as well as uploading the correct files to your site. Most likely you will come across a folder that has the language english or espanol etc. Just rename it to english then.

And for the words; just observe where the words are at. If they are somewhat near the header, then go under Header Templates and click header and search for the words and replace them.
The only thing that wouldn't change is the buttons, and it wouldn't be too hard to find another button pack that doesn't clash with the theme too badly. Smile