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Full Version: Rainbow Skin (vbb layout)
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Very Colorful

- Unzip pack
- Upload styles to your forumroot
- Import theme

DONE Big Grin

Index: [Image: index.jpg]
Forumdisplay: [Image: forum.jpg]
Showthread: [Image: thread.jpg]

[Image: index.jpg]
I love it lol...but it's just a bit tad too much rainbow going on lol

but yea love it nice work Big Grin
That's great Wink I like it, I want to use it but I don't know what for Toungue
I like it. Even though it's too..rainbowish..
Got a live demo?:s
I installed it and it doesn't have the rainbow stuff etc working like it should...
it looks bad like the screenshot
You didn't do it right then >_<
you install the style folder in your root guessing you put it in your images folder instead
i placed them in root now and it still does the same
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